Get Your Official Embarkation Shirt!

Show your dedication to the United Federation of Planets and Star Trek: The Cruise by getting your hands on the official, standard issue Embarkation shirt! This garment will help clearly identify you as you travel through the Sol Sector of the Alpha Quadrant to your destination, coordinates 34.0522° N, 118.2437° W.

All travelers are encouraged to don their Embarkation shirts as they approach the Port of Los Angeles and as they board the Navigator of the Seas for this year’s Un-Conventional Voyage. They’re only available until January 23rd, so place your order now!

Please note: This item is available for shipping only. Onboard pick up, exchange, or return is not available for this item. 

Star Trek: The Cruise VI Unisex Embarkation Shirt


Star Trek: The Cruise VI Ladies Embarkation Shirt



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