Immerse Yourself in the Star Trek Universe!

This year, we sail on Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas. Our goal is to spark your imagination and pay tribute to the many places our guests have yet to explore! We do this by transforming common areas, and creating new spaces throughout the ship, all of which have meaning in the Star Trek universe! See below for detailed information on each of the re-branded venues you will experience onboard Star Trek: The Cruise VI.


Salty’s Seafood – Hooked Seafood, Deck 4, Forward

Come on down to Salty’s Seafood restaurant for a fantastic feast from Earth’s briny depths. Owned and operated by our hairy friend from Planet M-113, known by many as “The Salt Vampire,” our NaCl-loving pal found his own Shangri-La slurping from our Seven Seas when he first visited our shores. Salty’s fish dishes are the best on board, and seafood lovers can’t get enough of the raw bar, either. (Note: sodium levels are reduced to normal Earthling parameters unless proof of tentacle is given).


O’ Tribbles – Cooper & Clover, Deck 5, Midship

Oh, Tribbles. As usual, they’re causing more trouble. The quadrant’s most notorious reproducing bundles of fluff have brought their gift of gab in the form of squeaks and purrs to the Promenade’s most rockin’ Irish pub. Grab your friends from around the galaxy and head to O’Tribbles for a frosty pint or a belt of whisky.


Gorn’s Mojito Bar – Boleros, Deck 4, Aft

The universe’s most misunderstood reptilian has turned over some new scales, quit his life of violence, and retired in Havana. The Gorn has fallen in love with Cuban culture and sweet rum drinks. Put on a Guayabera, order a mojito, and let the climate raise your cold-blooded temperature. Just don’t try to cheat the host at dominoes at Gorn’s Mojito bar.


Niners – Playmakers, Deck 5, Forward

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Deep Space Nine, this sports bar is dedicated to our favorite distant space station. Niners is named in tribute to the outpost’s holosuite baseball team and is a great place to grab a drink and some wings while watching your favorite episodes. For a bit of privacy, head to “Morn’s Corner” if you can keep that guy from talking.


Quark’s Gaming House – Casino Royale, Deck 4, Midship

The finagling Ferengi is back. Quark has expanded his enterprise beyond space stations and opened up a branch on the open seas. Test your luck at the tables, wheels, and video contraptions, while enjoying a drink or a chat with one of Quark’s eager associates. You never know when the Blessed Exchequer of the Divine Treasury may smile upon you.


Logic Lounge – Star Lounge, Deck 5 Forward

“Logic is the beginning of wisdom… not the end!” – Spock

As the name suggests, this is the place for trivia, Science Squad seminars, and other mind-expanding events. But that’s not all. It is only logical that it’s also a gathering place for singing and dancing as well! After all, these are all good things to ensure you Live Long and Prosper!


Trekki-Tiki – – The Bamboo Room, Deck 5, Midship

Every M-Class planet loves an equatorial island paradise. Our ship is no exception, and Trekki-Tiki is your hideaway to wear the official uniform of vacation: floral shirts, loose-fitting shorts, and a smile. Visitors will feel as if Starfleet itself has come to let its hair down here and enjoy some shore leave in the form of specialized cocktails with interstellar themes and decor featuring the members of the Federation in a more laid-back mode. You can’t stay at Red Alert all the time.


“The Game” Den, Library and Card Room, Deck 7, Midship

Welcome to “The Game” Den. This is the place to play Star Trek-themed board games, jigsaw puzzles, and more. You can make a new friend over a game of three-dimensional chess or borrow a book from Star Trek: The Cruise’s extensive paperback library. Guaranteed to be slightly less addicting than the Ktarian game but just as much fun!


 Mariner’s Retreat, Schooner Bar, Deck 4, Aft

Aboard the U.S.S. Cerritos, they take their holodeck R&R as seriously as their duties. A favorite hangout is MARINER’S RETREAT, a bar designed by Ensign Mariner to evoke the grand tradition of Earth’s sailing vessels. Step up to bar to sample the favorite maritime libations of Mariner, Rutherford, Tendi, and Boimler while you gaze out the portholes to the rolling waves beyond.


The Observation Lounge, R-Bar, Deck 5, Aft

Curated by the StarTrek.com team, The Observation Lounge celebrates all things Star Trek and fandom. Featuring daily meetups, episode screenings, and so much more, the Lounge is a great place to relax and connect with others across the ship who love Star Trek!


Federation Trading Post, To Dry For, Deck 5, Midship

The Federation Trading Post is the official merch store on our starship at sea. It’s stocked with clothing, hats, gifts and gear from all quadrants!


Starfleet Museum, Deck 12, Aft

The Starfleet Museum will host an exclusive exhibit of artifacts from the Quantum Archives. The exhibit will feature items from the personal collections of the Starfleet’s most decorated officers and crews.


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