Theme Nights

Gear up!
Each night of the cruise celebrates a different dimension of the Trek life!

Star Trek: The Cruise celebrates different dimensions of the Trek experience with an extraordinary array of Theme Nights. Our guests knock it out of the park with show-stopping costumes that turn heads, while making memories that will live on forever!

02.24 • Gorn's Pajama Party

Whether you arrive for Star Trek: The Cruise via warp-speed travel from Cestus III or simply beamed to the terminal from nearby Starfleet Command, what could be better than a party in your most comfy bedtime attire?

Join the Gorn in the Promenade dressed in your favorite Star Trek pajamas or as your favorite Star Trek character decked out in sleepwear for a stellar time. You’ll do anything except fall asleep as our Gamma Shift DJ keeps the warp core thrumming while interstellar cocktails are poured.

You can also head to Chase Masterson’s Pajama Karaoke Party to belt out your favorite song or party past bedtime with our very own rock stars, Band 47. Spontaneous “Arena”-style pillow fight battles are optional!

02.25 • The Captain's Gala

Attention all crew and UFP members, you are cordially invited to The Captain’s Gala! This is the night to dress in your best uniform for an evening to remember. Start the evening with world-class entertainment in the Royal Theater and dine like royalty with a superb formal night menu. Later, we’ll have a reception fit for a captain, complete with dancing and revelry!

02.26 • Knights of the Holodeck

The phaser is mightier than the sword, but both have been known to slay a dragon! While the Black Knight prepares for battle, it may be time for you to arm yourself with up your trusty Bat’leth. Tonight, we transform the Holodeck into a medieval world abundant of Nausicaan Nobles, Vulcan Vassals, Cardassian Clergy, and Pakled Peasants partying like its 999!

02.27 • The Trekking Dead

The world of Star Trek is filled with scary situations and horrifying aliens, and isn’t it time for the Red Shirts to rise from their graves for revenge?

From Borg assimilations to encounters with Species 8472, on this night we will celebrate the darker side of Trek with a Zombie Red Shirt pub crawl, Scare Zone on the Royal Promenade, and culminating with a party sure to wake the dead!

02.28 • Bajoran Gratitude Festival

We’re grateful to be celebrating 30 years of Deep Space Nine with many of the series stars joining us on Star Trek: The Cruise. Come one, come all to our very own DS9 Promenade Party to jot down your worries, woes, and concerns on a Renewal Scroll and “burn away” your problems in the flames of the firepit. Don’t worry, the pens are free much to Quark’s disapproval! Then, join us for the Bajoran Gratitude Festival filled with music and dancing, hosted by Colonel Kira herself, Nana Visitor. Peldor joi!

03.01 • Q's Costume Party

By the power of de Lancie, Q’s Costume Party has become an annual, legendary event on Star Trek: The Cruise, thanks to the greatest costume contest in the galaxy. Q, who has appeared to us as everything from a Franciscan monk, an interstellar judge, a 16th-century sea captain, and an Aldebaran serpent, is the only choice to host this epic costume party. Join host John de Lancie and use your own shapeshifting ability to transform yourself into anything elaborate and outrageous. Being a unique species is always fun, too, so don’t be afraid to go outside the Star Trek universe for a fun mash-up costume choice. With prizes up for grabs, the competition will be fierce, so bring your creativity and a camera… the photos will be truly out of this world!

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