The Crew

Crew Members

William Shatner
Jonathan Frakes
Brent Spiner
Marina Sirtis
Denise Crosby
John de Lancie
Robert O'Reilly
Terry Farrell
Nana Visitor
Armin Shimerman
Max Grodénchik
Chase Masterson
Casey Biggs
Jeffrey Combs
Cirroc Lofton
Nicole de Boer
Andrew Robinson
Robert Picardo
Garrett Wang
Ethan Phillips
John Billingsley
Connor Trinneer
Vaughn Armstrong
Doug Jones
Sara Mitich
Jess Bush
Tawny Newsome
Paul F . Tompkins

Federation Advisors

Ira Steven Behr Guest Speaker
Lolita Fatjo Guest Speaker
Dr. Erin Macdonald Guest Lecturer
Dr. Mohamed Noor Guest Lecturer
Robb Pearlman Guest Author
Megan Levens Guest Illustrator
Thomas Surprenant Makeup Artist
Band 47 Our Very Own Party Band
DJ Storm

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