Put It On the Main Viewer: Highlight Video Is Live!


Words will never describe the epic 7-day adventure that is Star Trek: The Cruise. That’s why Starfleet advises you to fire up your Personal Access Display Device right now to see and feel all of the epic moments from the 2022 voyage!

The video takes you aboard with the celebrity crew and the most passionate Star Trek fans in the world, so you can experience the 2022 cruise, and get a peek of what’s to come in 2023! Make sure you tune in until the end for a bonus post-credits scene featuring our onboard comedian, Garrett Wang AKA Harry Kim.

We are over 90% full for 2023

If you’re not booked for Star Trek: The Cruise VI, then the time to do so is now! We are over 90% full for 2023.

There is nowhere else on the planet that delivers the nonstop Trekked-out fun and unique, unforgettable moments that you will experience on Star Trek: The Cruise (Did you watch the highlight video?)!

If you want to join this amazing lineup of actors and personalities as we navigate new frontiers in the Mexican Riviera on our first-ever West Coast Sailing, then it’s time to beam up and reserve your living quarters for 2023 NOW!

Plus, We have more incredible crew additions coming, so you don’t want to miss out!

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