Autographs & Photographs

Star Trek: The Cruise VI is now offering pre-cruise savings on autograph and photograph sessions with your favorite cast and crew members.

We are thrilled to announce our continued partnership with EPIC Ticketing Systems, which will provide you a seamless and easy process from purchasing and receiving tickets pre-cruise, through picking up your printed photo onboard!

IMPORTANT NOTE: All autograph and photograph opportunities will be divided into two sessions – guests with BLUE SEAPASS CARDS and guests with RED SEAPASS CARDS. To confirm your SeaPass Card Color, please contact a Reservation Specialist at 844.335.6515 or email reservations@ecpcruises.com.

Please carefully review the information below as some processes may have changed from previous years.

WHAT COLOR SEAPASS CARD DO I HAVE? Your SeaPass Card Color indicates your assigned Main Show Time. Autograph and photograph sessions are divided into BLUE AND RED times so that they will NOT conflict with Main Show performances. Guests who attend the 1st Main Show have BLUE SEAPASS CARDS and guests who attend the 2nd Main Show have RED SEAPASS CARDS.

WHAT DOES MY AUTOGRAPH TICKET INCLUDE? Your autograph ticket allows you one signature on any item that you provide. To assist in keeping lines moving, we ask that you do not stop and take any photos with the celebrity. Celebrity headshots are not guaranteed to be available for purchase at the autograph sessions.

WHAT DOES MY PHOTOGRAPH TICKET INCLUDE? Your photograph ticket entitles you to one 8×10 full-color print of you (and up to three guests) with the crew member you’ve purchased the photo opportunity with. Photo pickup and reprint information will be available onboard. To avoid unnecessary delays during the session, we would like to remind guests you are not buying a “conversation” with the celebrity. Our celebrities have multiple commitments and requirements throughout the day, so ops will last less than 15 seconds and absolutely no autographs will be allowed. Digital copies and reprints are also available at time of purchase for an additional charge.

HOW DO I PURCHASE TICKETS? Using the appropriate link (based on your SeaPass Card Color), select the crewmember autograph and/or photographs you wish to purchase.

Click here to purchase
 Click here to purchase

HOW DO I RECEIVE MY PURCHASED TICKET(S)? After you make your online purchases, you will receive an immediate email confirmation from EPIC PHOTO OPS (support@epicphotoops.com) containing your tickets for download and print. Please be sure to print your tickets and bring them with you onboard. Each ticket will be collected at the autograph/photograph session. To ensure delivery be sure to add support@epicphotoops.com to your address book.

I RECEIVED A COMPLIMENTARY PHOTO FOR BOOKING MY CRUISE EARLY, HOW DO I REDEEM THAT PHOTO? Guest who rebooked their cruise reservation prior to, or while onboard the 2022 sailing qualify for one complimentary exclusive Deep Space Nine cabin photo. Your photograph ticket will be sent to your email address on file no later than December 1, 2022. Please print your ticket and bring onboard to redeem your photograph!

WHAT IF I CANNOT PRINT MY TICKET/LOSE MY TICKET? If you are unable to print your tickets, or you lose them, please visit the EPIC Team onboard for assistance. Hours and location will be available in the Daily Program.

WHAT IS THE TURNAROUND TIME TO RECEIVE MY PHOTO ONBOARD? WILL I BE ABLE TO GET MY PHOTO SIGNED IF I PURCHASE AN AUTOGRAPH SESSION? Generally, photographs will be available for pickup immediately after each session. Autograph sessions are typically scheduled a day or two after the photos are printed, if you wish to have your photograph signed.

WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE AUTOGRAPH/PHOTOGRAPH SESSIONS TAKE PLACE? The autograph and photograph schedules will be in the Daily Program, which is delivered to your stateroom each evening. The schedule will include the time and location for those with BLUE SEAPASS CARDS and those with RED SEAPASS CARDS. See autograph and photograph session times HERE. Please refer to the Daily Program for exact location onboard the ship.

Guests MUST attend the session that aligns with their SEAPASS CARD COLOR. Those who come to the incorrect autograph and/or photograph session will be turned away.

CAN I TRANSFER MY AUTOGRAPH OR PHOTOGRAPH TICKET TO A DIFFERENT CELEBRITY? Tickets are non-transferrable. Each ticket purchased must be redeemed with the celebrity it was originally purchased for.

WHAT IF I MISS THE SCHEDULED TIME? Due to scheduling conflicts of the celebrities around the ship, the autograph and photograph sessions must be limited to the scheduled times. Refunds will not be given if you miss your scheduled time.

WILL ADDITIONAL TICKETS BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONBOARD? Each celebrity has a maximum autograph and/or photograph limit. If the limit has not been met, additional sessions can be purchased at the higher onboard price. For specific hours and purchasing location, please refer to the Daily Program.

WILL CHARACTER PHOTOGRAPH OPPORTUNITIES BE AVAILABLE? Please watch your email for future announcements of character photo opportunities.

HOW DO I REQUEST A REFUND? If you need to request a refund, please submit your information HERE. Please note, refunds are only available pre-cruise and will not be provided if you miss your scheduled autograph/photograph session.

I AM HAVING TECHNICAL ISSUES, IS THERE A NUMBER TO CALL FOR ASSISTANCE? For general support please click HERE. For assistance while onboard, please refer to your Daily Program for hours and location of our auto/photo team.

Crew Member Autographs Photographs
Pre-Cruise Price Onboard Price Pre-Cruise Price Onboard Price
Andrew Robinson $40 $50 $40 $55
Armin Shimerman $45 $55 $45 $60
Brent Spiner $40 $50 $40 $55
Casey Biggs $40 $50 $40 $55
Chase Masterson $40 $50 $40 $55
Cirroc Lofton $40 $50 $40 $55
Connor Trinneer $45 $55 $45 $60
Denise Crosby $45 $55 $45 $60
Doug Jones $65 $85 $80 $115
Ethan Phillips $45 $55 $45 $60
Garrett Wang $45 $55 $45 $60
Jeffrey Combs $40 $50 $40 $55
Jess Bush $55 $70 $65 $85
John Billingsley $45 $55 $45 $60
John de Lancie $45 $55 $45 $60
Jonathan Frakes $45 $55 $45 $60
Marina Sirtis $40 $50 $45 $60
Max Grodénchik $40 $50 $40 $55
Michelle Hurd $65 $85 $75 $100
Nana Visitor $45 $55 $45 $60
Nicole de Boer $40 $50 $40 $55
Robert O'Reilly $40 $50 $40 $55
Robert Picardo $40 $50 $55 $75
Sara Mitich $40 $50 $45 $60
Tawny Newsome $40 $55 $55 $75
Terry Farrell $45 $55 $45 $60
Vaughn Armstrong $40 $50 $40 $55
William Shatner $100 $135 $110 $150

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